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02-14-2011, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
So you want me to outline my suggestions to you guys instead of stating how ****** it is?

Suggestion, keep what we have. It looks great.

I don't think you can help a logo that bad. It's just putrid. There is no detail and no creativity.

I don't understand the point of the new logo and uniforms anyways. I hate hearing owners say, we need a new identity and this BS. No, you need more money in your pockets.

We just recently updated our look and I like it alot. Say what you want about Koules, but he did an EXCELLENT job with updating the logo/jersey scheme.

Updating and moving foward is part of what I like in sports sets. The Sharks and Lightning are 2 examples to me of some of the best upgrades in uni/logo sets. They essentially modernized the logo for both teams. I like that alot, that is alot better than going back to a throwback. Or now in our case trying to create a throwback and go back in time with a minimal design.

I would love to email a letter to Vinik explaining my issue, and have no problem telling him I believe this is merely a money related move. I don't buy the rebranding when there was nothing wrong with what we had.

The polls and reactions show I am not alone, and hope to have others express their dislike for the new logo and unis.

They already made the mistake of selling logoed merchandise, so the logo will be here for at least a few years. But in the mean time we can fix the jerseys and color scheme, and push towards a different logo when we can.

Alot of people like the shoulder patch, and it is better than the primary. But what's impressive about it. It's just another ripoff of what every other f'ing team does. Circular logo with words. Wow, orginal.

Seriously, I can't believe people didn't expect more with a $1 million spent on this.
I was just talking about Boltsfan2029. I wasn't comparing you two, or suggesting you do the same. I'm just saying that's what helped her get a chance to speak face to face with them.

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