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02-14-2011, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
It all depends on who is coming the other way. For the right return, fine. Brown's a good 2nd liner, a great 3rd liner and he's got a bargain contract. It'd be quite a hole to fill if the Kings lost Brown's services.

IIRC, Brown is one of 4 remaining Kings players left over from the Taylor era.

Players come and go. Don't get married to players.

I don't get this line of thinking at all. He's a King, so he has my support. End of story.

I get frustrated with Brown at times but at the end of the day, I support every player in a King uniform (even Westgarth, as painful as that is). At least Brown is trying. He plays hard. The skill set is lacking, but that's magnified because he was on the wrong line FOR-EVER. He's much more effective in a 2nd or 3rd line role.
I will always support the Kings as a whole, even Brown from game to game, but that doesn't mean I will let my passion blind me to his faults. I am tired of constantly yelling at the tv when he makes plays that directly result in a blown offensive opportunity, which happens more often than not. Bury him on the third line and let him ply his trade. He will never be more than a 2cd/3rd line tweener. IF he was traded, all I'm saying is I wouldn't shed a tear. If he can be moved for a more skilled offensive threat, I think LA's chances would be even better. IF we can add that player and keep Brown, so be it. Right now, he has too big of a role for what he brings. Give me a choice between Gaborik or Brown on pure hockey ability, I'd always take Gabby. LA has Clifford and Simmonds who can take care of just as much physicality as Brown. Brown is overrated but at least he's cheap.

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