Thread: Speculation: Leafs Still Looking to Deal
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02-14-2011, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
Honestly, I'm on the fence. I certainly don't think it was as bad as the Lupul trade that's forsure. However, much like the Lupul trade, this one doesn't make sense because it's a step backwards on its own.

If Burke can use that first (and his cap space) to get a guy to play with Kessel, then it's a good deal. Putting Bozak on the 3rd unit next year would give them a decent offensive catalyst, and they could try to throw an ELC player like Caputi pr Mueller along with Armstrong on the 3rd. However, if he isn't able to get a player to make Kessel more effective, it made absolutely no sense to get rid of our 3rd line catalyst.... because a #3 unit of Versteeg-Bozak-Armstrong would problably produce like a mediocre to slightly below average #2 unit.

This trade does have the effect of making the Lupul trade not as disasterous (maybe make Lupul the same 3rd line winger he was in Anaheim as opposed to a healthy scratch), so it gets points for that.
Ok, you're turn to step into the GM seat. What would be a deal that you think would make sense for the leafs to make right now? You never really seem to agree with any move Burke makes, so what would you do if you were him...

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