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02-15-2011, 01:40 AM
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Sent Gaines in email regarding what he said about the rebranding of the uniforms. Gaines replied to my email. Very interesting info and I am shocked none of us have come across sooner than this.

Hello. I read an article that quoted you as hearing one of the Lightning's radio guys saying that the new uniforms might change for next season. This is very big news for Lightning fans, and I was curious if you could share some more information. Very much appreciated!

Not much more than what was written. It was Dave Mishkin talking to JP Peterson on 1010AM. He was clear that there wouldn't be any changes to the new logo that was unveiled, but that we would likely see some minor changes to the actual uniform that was unveiled last week. The only thing he mentioned specifically was adding a lightning bolt to the sides of the shorts. But even that he said "maybe."
This is exactly the kind of tweaking that I thought they would do. The fact that a guy as close to the team as Mishkin hasn't ruled out the possibility of some tweaks, and that they are meeting with fans, might mean that they don't quite have a finished product.

The logo is literally everywhere now, that and the two color scheme is in all respects a dead issue. But those hoping for victory stripes and/or bolts on the pants should feel free to express some veiled optimism.

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