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02-15-2011, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
As a fighter of his class it's impossible to avoid other top fighters forever but he earned a reputation for picking and choosing fights, dodging feuds, dropping out of fights at the whim of anything wrong. Dana White even called hima pu**y once and refused to ever sign him (but true to Dana's career he broke down the first chance at a payout).

The biggest cop out was Gracie trying to come out of retirement to figh him, even offering to fight for free but Fedor refused because Gracie was his hero.
Gracie? So Fedor's two wins over the vastily superior at that time Nog (very similar fighter, in Fedor's weight class) mean nothing and he ducked Gracie? There are so many things wrong with a Gracie v. Fedor fight, huge weight difference, the fact that no Gracie has been relevent in the sport since Royce got embarassed at the 2000 GP. I mean I was at least expecting a name like Barnett, Tank, Telligman or someone like that, not fighting Cro Cop in his peak. But to fault Fedor's legacy in the sport because of not fighting Gracie is... well for lack of a better word laughable.

I've noticed the past few days that since he lost, alot of people seem to burying Fedor and piling on saying he wasn't all he was thought to be, and I have to say I just don't see the reasoning. He even after this lose is probably the greatest HW fighter this sport has ever had and cleaned out the HW division when it was arguably at it's best.

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