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02-15-2011, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Tokala View Post
I still think that a lot of this is an attempt to bury the OK Hockey days. I don't have a problem with an owner changing the logo/jersey to put their mark on their team. The underlying problem is that there is no long-term owners in the Lightning's history. You're not really going to have "traditions" as long as some new rich guy rolls into town to take over every 4-5 years. If Vinik stays long-term (10-15+ years), all of this will be forgotten.

As for the polls, you can dig long enough and find "data" to back up an opinion. The problem that I have with that poll is they didn't show how it was conducted? We know people can use multiple IP addresses to overload a poll in their favor....just look at the NHL All-Star selection process.
Good point but just to play devil's advocate, where are the polls that would suggest otherwise (e.g. that the re-brand is a complete success)?

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