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Originally Posted by TB_FANATIC View Post
Sent Gaines in email regarding what he said about the rebranding of the uniforms. Gaines replied to my email. Very interesting info and I am shocked none of us have come across sooner than this.


This is exactly the kind of tweaking that I thought they would do. The fact that a guy as close to the team as Mishkin hasn't ruled out the possibility of some tweaks, and that they are meeting with fans, might mean that they don't quite have a finished product.

The logo is literally everywhere now, that and the two color scheme is in all respects a dead issue. But those hoping for victory stripes and/or bolts on the pants should feel free to express some veiled optimism.
Awesome. Thanks for sharing with us...

Bolts on the pants and stripes under the arms seem like an easy addition. The stripes don't have to be massive like our current thirds, they could be simple like our originals.

Yeah I don't see the logo(s) going anywhere. Even other teams have picked up on it. A buddy of mine is using a Red Wings calendar background on his computer monitor and the next game between Detroit and TB shows the new logo, not the current one.

Also worth noting - some have griped about the new logo's central negative space due to the openings on the top and bottom of the oval (where the bolt touches the oval). The Red Wings calendar had the new logo, in blue, outlined in white (also filled with white in the negative space) and it actually looked decent. This keeps the logo from looking hollow.

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