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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
I hate making this argument, as it usually holds little water, but it is very fitting in this case.

In 07-08 57 forwards outscored Brown, 18 of them RWs
In 08-09 81 forwards outscored Brown, 27 of them RWs
In 09-10 63 forwards outscored Brown, 15 of them RWs
This season, 57 forwards, 16 RWs.

Now this is where the argument loses weight, as its based on the assumption that with 30 teams, there are 90 first line forwards in the NHL....and a lot of people don't buy that (to extent, myself included). But what I can't comprehend is how anyone can legitimately claim that Brown is a 3rd liner, or a 2nd/3rd line tweener when he has consistently been in the top 30 in production for his position over the last 4 seasons, and the top 20 3 out of 4. These numbers claim he's a 1st liner, and I can live with people not buying that as even I don't put a tremendous amount of merit into these statistics. But at worst, Dustin Brown is one of the best 2nd line RWs in the league, the "3rd liner" garbage reflects the pessimism and scapegoatism (I know, just go with it) that is overly present with people wanting to express their dissatisfaction with the overall lack of success of this team over the last [however long each individual has been watching this team].

If the league has gotten so diluted that "third liners" like Brown are receiving first line minutes and producing better than 1/3 of the players receiving first line RW minutes, than we need to either drastically reduce the number of teams in the league or stop acting like there are 60-90 players out there somewhere who can do Brown's job better than him.
Numbers mean nothing. Watch the games, notice the turnovers, the flubbed passes, the poor forechecking, and the inconsistency of effort.

And, if you put most 3rd liners on the first line and gave them prime 1st unit PP numbers, you would see a whole lot of similar statistical results.

50-60 points per year is nothing to get excited about if you aren't smart enough to get the puck in deep when it calls for it.

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