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02-15-2011, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by CommunistDayKare View Post
UniWatch also has another person getting invited by CEO Tod
That's great, I'd like to find a way to best contact the team.

I'll share my thoughts.

And still glad felonious is pessimistic like myself. The change is for money. Simple as that. I think that's just the reality of the situation. Not moving on from Koules. All Koules did was make an update, it's not like he created a huge new identity. That's what I would have expected being as flashy and the Saw guy. A whole new everything. But now this guy Vinik is doing it.

I still like the idea people are getting invited, but if this overwhelming output of peole being against the new look doesn't change anything. Than it's all for not.

Are they just offering something to fans, like a parent who hasn't taken care or seen their child for a long time so they shower them with gifts? I won't be placated if that's what they plan on doing. Here, have some food and new shirts. Great, cool, thanks for the free ****.

Back to you guys fixing this mess.

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