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02-15-2011, 01:49 PM
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Saying you're indifferent (they could wear burlap sacks, use a cinder block as the primary logo, pink skates and green helmets or whatever) over and over again is just the same as someone *****ing about the changes over and over again and adding nothing constructive to the discussion.
Since I'm not against or for the redesign, I'm not going searching for polls to support someone else's views. I agree that me posting indifference is exactly the same as someone constantly posting their vitriol or infatuation with the rebranding. BFD.

I don't get how polls can be flawed. You click if you like it or you don't. Nothing crazy to figure out. The owners should value a poll like this.
Polls are consistently flawed. Statistically you can't poll just one side of the opinion. You must ensure that opinions come from all different peoples. Questions have to be worded so that they do not lead people to a desired answer. Internet polls need to ensure that one bitter person can't vote more than once. There are lots of statistical controls that need to be in place to make a poll or study valid.

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