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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
You don't get perfect value, you can get perfect timing though, and at this point there doesn't seem to be much support for LA trading a 1st and 3rd for a second line winger. Adding Versteeg doesn't necessarily add 20-25 goals to our line up. He will take the place of someone, bumping that players ice time and procduction down in the process. There isn't a huge difference in getting back Sturm and adding Versteeg from a strictly offensive point of view, and no one is suggesting Sturm is going to lift us above the Deroit's and Vancouver's.

Now isn't the right time to get a Versteeg. In Philly, with a number of legitimate front line players, they felt the need to add secondary scoring, and paid a premium for that. That's fine. We have a greater level of secondary scoring than Philly, if the players we have were allowed to play their roles. Adding a top end goalscorer would allow for that, Versteeg does not. We critize DL for not doing the big trade, but then ask/demand he overspend on second tier players?

He does have to spend, but he does not have to spend on this caliber of player, especially given their overinflated cost.
Lewis, Richardson, Ponikarovsky....I don't think we are going to miss the production of any of these guys. Sure Lewis and Richardson play hard, but their offensive contributions have been less than minimal. They DO need to be bumped down the depth chart for people who actually chip in some offense like Clifford and Simmonds do.

In regards to secondary scoring...

Our primary scoring comes from Brown, Kopi, and the Stoll line. Secondary scoring comes from the bottom 6...and our bottom 6 scoring is extremely rare. in the last 6 games....the ONLY bottom 6 goal was from Loktionov. It has been all Kopi, Williams, and the PP scoring and it has been like this ALL season. When Zus and Simmonds were on the 3rd line they didn't do much offensively. Sure they played a good checking game but they need to put the puck in from time to time. 4th line has done nothing offensively regardless of whether the center was Zus, Richie, or Lewis.

We have 5 guys with 10+ goals and they are all the guys who should have 10+

The Flyers have 8 guys including Leino, JVR, and Zherdez. Versteeg makes 9.

When it comes to secondary scoring....the Flyers secondary scoring is the reason they are so good, and we aren't even close to them talent wise in either primary or secondary scoring.

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