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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
I would very much like to know where they got their information about the position switching of the players mentioned. I have primary source material that places Taylor on the 2nd all-star team at center in the 19-20 season, but I don't know where he played before and when or if he ever switched.
With both the 1st and 2nd team rovers being from Seattle, I'm not sure you should take the positions as gospel.

With MacKay out that year, Taylor certainly could have taken his spot at center, and that would make Adams the rover I guess. Taylor did miss 8 of the 22 game season to add to the line juggling.

Looking at The Trail, we get Harris and Skinner starting at center for the two game playoff, with Adams at rover and Taylor as a sub.

24-25 All-Star Team

Mickey Mackay is shifted to centre, with George Hay left wing and Bill Cook right
Seems Mickey is willing to move players to make his all-star squads, even if this isn't his "official" all-star team.

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