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02-15-2011, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
If there is nothing out there then there is nothing out there!

There are very few teams in the NHL today with an excess of 30 goal scorers. If they have them, they are likely looking for a roster player of the same caliber that fills a hole for them or a MAJOR prospect.

So, in order to get that type of scorer what bargaining chips do the Kings have? Schenn, Doughty, Johnson, Quick, and maybe Brown are about it. Are you willing to trade any of those players for a 30 goal scorer?
I wouldn't trade Doughty for anyone in league. Sure I'd trade him for Crosby but lets be realistic.

I'm willing to part with Schenn if he is included in a package that returns a legitimate 1st/2nd line center who is not older than 28 y/o. Otherwise, I wouldn't move him.

I'd move Brown without a hesitation depending on who is coming back.

I wouldn't move Quick. I'd move Bernier upon protest but it'd have to be a very valuable player.

Ideally, I'd like to see the Kings move future picks which is why I'd be a big fan of a Versteeg type deal. Sure it isn't the big hoorah everyone seems to be anticipating in the next year or so. But it does give you some additional scoring and it doesn't cost you any assets you've spent time and money developing. I also wouldn't be against Simmonds or Brown going for the right player. What I really have a hard time with is people putting such a high value on our draft picks for this year. First off, from all accounts the draft isn't all that talent laden. Secondly, the org hasn't invested anything into those players (time or money). Lastly, those players, if the ever make the NHL, it won't be for another 3-4 years at the earliest.

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