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02-15-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Well, if I'm the Rangers I certainly do accept that proposal! I get a cap friendly 25-30 goal scorer who plays physical, a solid d prospect, and a 1st. I give up a $7.5 million china doll.

Now, if I'm the Kings I've got Gaborik to fill a hole at LW but now I've got a major hole at RW and no d prospect or 1st either! And God forbid that my new china doll LW gets hurt again (as he certainly will).

How have I improved the Kings with that deal????
Lets just assume for arguments sake that Gaborik doesn't have serious health issues. Lets pretend he is a different player with similar stats but a bit healthier. A hypothetical if you will..

You lose a RW but as we're seeing right now, Dustin Brown is redundant with Wayne Simmonds in the line up. Wayne does everything Brown does and more.. and better. I have no question he'd be putting up the same numbers as Brown if he was getting the minutes Brown does.

The Kings have a zilliion D prospects and at some point in the near future, they are going to be losing these guys for nothing. You can't hold onto them all. Espeically as the Kings pass through more drafts and acquire more prospects.

Finally, the 1st rounder is of no consequence. Lets hope the pick is in the 20's. What have the Kings lost exactly? A shot in the dark for 5 years down the road? I mean really.. if we are going to hold onto those in hopes they'l be contributing when the Kings finally are contenders, we're really grasping at straws.

In my eyes, a move like that deals from a position of strength to add where the Kings are weak.

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