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02-15-2011, 07:24 PM
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I was very dissapointed at Maloney's comments. Dissapointed and shocked. Here's a guy that did a decent amount of fighting in his tenure here. Maloney up untill he took his stance there on fighting was one of my favs, but after that I have to rethink it. Not becuase he is on the other side of the fence, but I think he's full of it! I don't truly believe that Maloney said that from the heart. Why do I say this? After the Rangers played the Oil on kids day earlier in the season I ran into him. That was a fight filled game that send the Garden ointo a frenzy. The guy was glowing, and seemed to love what transpired. Was that just a front too? I mean I am a nobody, just a fan to why wouldn't he have spoke out some then?

If Maloney's comments were truly from the heart then I respect his opinion...But I just question what side of the fence he is on. Question that he is speaking out becuase of the brass on that side.

Where's JD when you need him?

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