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07-19-2005, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary
- Money is a one-dimensional object that can not be easily compared to building a winning team (salaries aside). What I mean is that a winning team has many intangibles that can not be quantified in any one way. There's no set formula. So Crosby could develop 100% and never play in the 2nd round. Which means that no team is set for life simply by acquiring one player. Especially when this player is going to cost you 3 or 4 very good players (according to some of these deals).

In terms of price, rumours aren't important. One teams price to move a player isn't important. Market price would determine whether any of these deals are realistic.
Would Crosby's team accept these deals?... of course they would.
Would any team be stupid enough to offer them?.... Hell no.

The Lindros deal was an aberation. Many highly touted prospects were traded before him and many after. None of the deals come close. Not even close enough to explain a slight difference in prospect hype.
No, I agree with you; it's just that we're looking through different perspectives. You're looking through the eyes of the team potentially trading for Crosby and I'm looking through the eyes of the team that has Crosby. If you got Crosby in the lottery, obviously you wouldn't have to trade 3 or 4 other good players off your team. Obviously not many teams (if any--I agree the Lindros deal with an aberration) are going to give up a ridiculous package, but would you trade Crosby for anything less? If Ottawa won the lottery, for instance, they could potentially have two of the top centres in the game in Crosby and Spezza. How many teams have won cups in the past based on the strength of two absolutely top-end centres? Detroit, Colorado, and Tampa Bay immediately spring to mind. Even Dallas had Modano and Nieuwendyk (who was playing out of his mind). I think New Jersey is the only team to have won in the past decade without two top-of-the-line centres. So if I'm Ottawa, I don't trade Crosby unless I get a young legitimate top-end centre in exchange (+ more depending on who the player is) or a Marty Brodeur caliber goalie (+ more depending on who the goalie is, though I guess there's only one Brodeur caliber goalie in the league, so who knows if anyone else can be a backbone type keeper on a Stanley Cup winner).

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