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02-15-2011, 10:28 PM
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You know I'm happy and glad what happen friday night happened. That is OLD SCHOOL HOCKEY. Not this P!**y ***** we have to watch now. I'm 26 years old born in 84. Started watching hockey in 90-91 was a Ranger fan my whole life. Hockey was at its peak back in the late 80s- to the mid to late 90's. That's when hockey was hockey tough rugged men with no teeth brawling bleeding and not missing a shift for a high stick or a slash. Games like the old school Avs vs Redwings or Rangers Islanders. Hard nose tough games. Fighting is what makes hockey what it is. You take someone out you expect to drop the gloves or someone will take out your star player. This game they call hockey now is Basketball on skates. Its a joke what this league turned into. It isn't hockey they are trying to put more goals up to make it pretty. To get the attention of more fans. That's not what sells fighting brawls blood hard fought games sell. Not want to be Models missing a tooth or two that can skate. Bring me back to the days where if something happened tonight we would be talking about it day after day till we faced them again. if they stop fighting in hockey I for one won't be watching as much as I do. I'm more then sure there are a lot more people feeling the same way as I do.

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