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02-15-2011, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by goldstandard333 View Post
You let Briere and Drury go for nothing. Trade Campbell for arguably nothing. Now we have a young player playing the best hockey of his career and you want to move him. The best teams in any sport find a way to keep their best players. I sincerely hope we don't continue this trend of turning into the Cleveland Indians of the NHL.
Stafford is #3 in the NHL in goals per game. Behind Crosby and Stamkos. Yes, those two. In a year he admittedly, and with his coach's validation, committed to being in better shape. As this poster says, I have no idea why you would not want to try hard to retain such a talent.

Originally Posted by 71Zamboni View Post
If we MUST resign Stafford, then I would agree to a 1 yr. 3.5 mil deal, then if he repeats this season, then 4-5 yr deal at 4+/per.
If he repeats this season next year, in a full 82-game schedule, he'll have >50 goals. I don't follow deals like some on these boards, but I'd wager 2 years at that pace is worth >$4M/yr., whether the other side of the table is an agent or an arbitrator.

Originally Posted by JOHNBOY View Post
Trade him if you could get a 1st round pick (atleast Top 20) and a top 6 forward with decent potential/upside....
Sorry, IMO that's selling way too low.

Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Because he won't sign it. He'll say "**** you, see you at arbitration where some moron arbitrator will give me $4+ mil next season, and your price will be even higher next summer."

Oh, and all his detractors will still poo-poo his season because it's still a contract season.
Zip gets it. Staff has leverage - regardless of whether he repeats next year or never again.

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