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02-15-2011, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
What kind of defending system does Tampa use? It's kind of strange to see.
Originally Posted by Orangecrush18 View Post
they use a 1-3-1 which is a trap like system... its clogs the neutral zone up, and takes alot of patience, and is meant to be a counter punch type style.... it usually makes for a boring game

What I am almost sure of is if we met up with them in a playoff series lavy would employ some sort of strategy to beat this specifically.... regular season is a little different.
Originally Posted by JVR21 View Post
1-3-1 trap mostly. We probably could have sat with the puck nehind the net the entire game if we wanted to.
Kind of, but it depends on who we play and how recent. It was pretty obvious Philly saw video from our last tilt with Washington because the previous two meetings with them, we let them come at us. They tried to flip the puck over the forwards and the far defenseman into the opposing corner and try to overload that corner to set up in the zone, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. The most recent game, Washington let us come at them and tried to pick us apart in the neutral zone which sort of worked.

It was interesting to see Philly do it, because they approached it differently. They forced the top guy to attack but swept a forward under almost like a reverse in a football game and tried to get that to force two of the middle pairing over and potentially the lone defenseman in back to the boards to overload that side and hopefully leave 1-2 guys, ideally a forward and a defenseman to create a mismatch at the blueline and try to spread out from there. It worked a couple of times and we couldn't clear the zone for the life of us, but we're really lucky we have some quick forwards on the bottom six to block shots and get back into position.

I expected Philly to run more of a spread tonight to see how they could fine tune things against us, but they never did. Kind of surprising. There is no doubt you guys are a much deeper team than us but we're absolute ******** at clogging the lanes and wreaking havoc in most places people would take shots. At the same time, you guys did enough defensively that we never got comfortable setting up, our point men never started to slide into the zone instead of along the blueline, and we couldn't complete a pass for the life of ourselves for the first half of the game.

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