Thread: Speculation: Seguin back to Junior?
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02-16-2011, 01:22 AM
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This is what happens when you try to develop an 18-year old high draft pick on a cup contending team. Was he rushed? no, there was nothing more he could learn playing in the OHL. The problem of course is -- a contending team simply is too talented to allow an 18-year old player to shine, and isn't prepared to live with 18 year old mistakes.

Are the Bruins disappointed with him? problably a little bit. Coming out of junior, expecting him to play sort of a hybrid #2/3 centre role where Bergeron's line played the traditional shutdown role, and Krejci was #1. Now, they had to pick up Kelly to play the 3rd line C role and try to rely on Bergeron for more of an offensive role. Then again, those may be unrealistic expectations for an 18 year old player.

That being said, his performance this year should make people realize that just because you're drafted high, doesn't mean you're an automatic for success at the NHL level. In most of his games, he has been relatively invisible / unspectacular. I also suspect that most teams would rather see a rookie forward (with big time offensive potential) dazzle on one play and then make a complete bonehead move on another play, as opposed to being invisible for the most part. The big question for him of course is -- is he capable of elevating his offensive game to the next level, or is he going to be another guy who dominated the junior scoring but just couldn't elevate his offensive game. Only time will tell.

As for what they do with him the rest of the year -- I can't imagine that they'd send him back to junior. It's just too much of a step back in his development. Keeping him around an NHL playoff environment (even if he's watching from the pressbox) is better for him than playing in the OHL.

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