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02-16-2011, 03:27 AM
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I cant find a picture of the shirt anywhere on the internet. Not even google could help. I have tried uploading a digital photograph but my crappy old computer doesn’t appear to want to do it.

Here’s a more detailed description of the shirt.

It’s a white shirt. On the front there’s what is (according to Wikipedia) the old Kouvola coat of arms (2 red keys that cross each other) on the top right of it and an advert for ‘Neste Oils’ on the top left.

The KooKoo logo is in the middle of the front and is in white lettering with orange backing and it has 2 blue overlapping triangles behind it.

Across the bottom is a series of jagged blue and orange triangles which look abit like they are mean to represent ice, maybe?

There are stitched on adverts for ‘Olvi’ and ‘Gasum’ on both the sleeves

On the back it says ‘Tontti 15’ (not 10, my mistake) and there's another bigger advert for ‘Neste Oils’ under it. At the bottom there is another series of jagged blue and orange triangles the same as on the front

I do appreciate that it must be very difficult, if not impossible, to really get anything from my description. Thanks for your reply. Had a great time at the KooKoo game. Think they are definitely going to become the Finnish team that I support. I really like the shirt I bought I was just trying to get abit more information about it. Thanks for your efforts.

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