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02-16-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by slip View Post
But those guys didn't even play together last night, and we still managed to pull out one of the most impressive comebacks of the season. I haven't seen any line etched in stone since Roy went down.

Hecht playing center? That's something we might not have seen with a healthy Roy. And while he's been solid over that time, it's reasonable to think his game would have improved (more like reverted to the mean) playing at center or on the wing.

Jame is taking what seems like an accidental correlation (Roy's injury, Buffalo's improved play) and trying to ascribe some kind of direct causal relationship. Call me when we make the playoffs and actutally win a round without Roy. Until then, it's all fun philosophical speculation, a fine way to kill some time.
Bolded is exactly how I feel. Hecht is still better on the wing, and I grimmace at his faceoff ability; he's currently resting at 41.9%.

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