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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
This is a myth and is complete nonsense. Seriously, do you honestly think an NHL player is afraid of a fight? Most fights are laughable at best. A holding war where hardly any punches are thrown because both guys are holding each others jerseys. Rarely does anyone actually get hurt from the fight.

So why would such an occurrence deter any player from committing a cheap act? The only kind of fear a player would have is if something like a Steve Moore incident was common reaction for cheap shots. It's complete nonsense and my least favorite pro-fighting defense. Players care about being able to play and their paychecks. Teams care about money. If you impose steep fines and suspensions to players and steep fines for teams who allow such players to commit those actions, cheap shots would be reduced greatly.

The best and only logical pro-fighting stance is that it adds excitement, drama, and intensity to the game that can be felt all the way to the crowd. Which is why goon/staged fights suck and need to be eliminated. Spontaneous fighting is the only kind that has a place in the game if anything.

Personally, I'm a fan of the skating, the passing, the scoring, the hitting, defensive plays, the saves, and things of that nature. Fighting ranks pretty low on my list on things of excite me about hockey. In that respect I'm neither pro nor anti fighting.
It's not a myth.

When the NHL implemented the instigator to most fighting majors a few years ago, the number of actual fights decreased, but the number of stick infractions increased.

There's a direct correlation to other penalties being committed when certain ones are being enforced more.

Take fighting out of the game and there would be more issues from guys like the ones mentioned, that is not an opinion.

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