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02-16-2011, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Perhaps if some other sports team in the area had won a championship in the last 23 years, this would not be the case.

Say what you will about basketball and the NBA - and I for one do not enjoy it nearly as much as I did in years past - but the Lakers are an incredibly successful organization, and deserve every second of coverage that they get.
well, i'm definitely not trying to voice the "why don't the kings get covered?!" whine. i'm aware of the fact that success brings coverage. but all of that doesn't mean that all the coverage doesn't annoy me, as, like you, i don't really enjoy basketball. i'm also talking about the fact that everyone is a lakers fan now, even if they never enjoyed basketball or the lakers were never their team, and you can't go ANYWHERE in california, let alone LA, without seeing lakers paraphernalia. even my frigging facebook is all about the "lakeshow" (and yes, i know you can [and i do] hide people, as well as go on facebook sparingly). bandwagonning has always irritated me. and that's really what i see when i see a ton of lakers stuff all over the place.

to conclude, yes...i know these feelings are all irrational and i'm probably just being a bit of a **** and raining on everyone's championship parade, so i'm sorry for that. and to all lakers fans here (who i'm sure, just by the fact that you're on the boards, aren't bandwagonners) i mean no offense, and i'm definitely not out there actively rooting against them--see my "i don't care about basketball" comment. if the situation were switched and it was the clippers and not the lakers (HAHAHAHA, right??!), i'd still be the same way.

Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... I don't follow. Explain to me this "galaxy" you speak of. The Crab Nebula? The Milky Way?
THIS made me laugh my ass off. nice one, JT.

EDIT: and don't even get me started on the sacramento kings. who do they think they are?!

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