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10-10-2003, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
No offense dude, but when you see the replay you might be saying something completely different. I fully understand that sitting in the stands and at full speed you can view it as a clean hit. But once you see the replays, you'll see Orpik stick out his leg at the very last second. And it's not just a subtle extend both legs for better balance when hitting someone. It's a complete knee-straight-out-at-the-very-last-second blatant hit - only one leg was extended (not both as would be expected for balance), the one that caught Gleason's knee. I doubt he was trying to injure Gleason, but he was definitely trying to get his knee into him and ended up going knee on knee (or upper leg as the broadcast stated that Gleason hurt his leg and not his knee). It may not be intentional, but it was definitely reckless.

Again, from the stands you might have thought it was a physical but clean hit (which was my first reaction). But when you get to those replays, you'll see something different.
You may be right, but I still stand behind the point that Gleason take the hit. Avoiding a hit that late can cause a serious injury to yourself. In that situation, you know you are going to get lit up and there is no getting out. Take the hit and brace yourself as best you can. Orpik will serve his suspension, just as one of his biggest fans. I do not wish for him to get a Marchment type reputation. He had some other great hits in that game beforehand.

Also, the refs were absolutely brutal in that game. Nothing was called on your Kings, you have to admit that. And they did just as much as the Pens if not more. I didn't see Klatt at the end of the game, was he stuck up Mario's ass maybe?

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