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02-16-2011, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by BOSSY1126 View Post
I was just listening to GLEN HEALY rant here in Canada on Toronto's FAN 590 , making jokes about how this franchise is a joke, guy's like GILLES and MARTIN should just go away for the two minites a night they play, bashing WANG ( which doesn't bother me )

how does a goalie who had one good playoff in his career(93) get a job with the NHLPA and hockey night and CANADA?

he's never said anything good about our franchise since we let him sign on with the RAGS in 94 as a backup haha

just wondering your guys thoughts
i enjoyed our 93 run but seems like he has some annamosity towards us since his playing days
i heard the rant - pissed me off. what a jerk, can't stand healy. two faced.

first, he's a hypocrite on so many levels. when he's on the player's association he's one way, then does an about face saying the players (gillies and martin) don't belong in the league for their actions? the hosts kinda called him on that and healy pulled a talbot and turtled.

they really ripped the isles, some of it was fair, but most was offside and i expect more from healy, as an explayer.

another part that bothered me was how healy said that a torrey-arbour team has never and would never 'act that way' - as though vukota/baumgartner on the NYR after the lafontaine hit never happened.

what a complete joke.

call the isles a joke for the right reasons, and there are many, but don't lose your own credibility (whatever's left of it) to pile on a franchise for doing nothing except standing up for itself - not when other franchises do it all the time.

i'm not defending the actions of the two suspended players (although Martin's wasn't really fair since he completely let-up on the punch, as the video shows) but to use this unfortunate incident to dump on your team, your players as a PA exec and a guy who should know better - classless and shameful.

here's the audio:

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