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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
that's because BC Place is terrible for a baseball stadium. It's like the Kingdome was in Seattle. The Kingdome was an abomination of a baseball stadium. Gigantic concrete domed monstrosities with astroturf fields are not for baseball in the slightest. Hell, indoor stadiums in general are fading out for baseball on the whole. Now that the Twins have their outdoor park instead of HHH, I can't think of a pure indoor stadium in MLB aside from Tropicana in Tampa. It's either retractable roof stadiums or pure outdoor parks now.

I don't think that baseball would work here since it would need a big, proper stadium. I mean, maybe if they had done that crazy waterfront soccer stadium that they planned for the Whitecaps they could've made it a hybrid soccer/baseball stadium. But even the reno'd BC Place is not really good for baseball.

But on the topic of the NBA here, I'd love for a team to come back, but I'm not sure where my loyalties would lie. I was a big Grizzlies fan when they were here. They basically got me into basketball. My first favorite basketball player was Byron Scott in his year with the Grizz. I still have my Shareef jersey in a closet too even though it's like 3 sizes too small for me now. But they were gone within like 6 years and since then I've been a Raptors fan for the last 9-10 years. Maybe it's because my NHL allegiance is already with an out-of-town team so it makes me less inclined to feel a need to be a home-town guy, but I'm not sure if a team comes back that I can ditch the Raps and choose a new team. I suppose the best case scenario would be a situation where I cheer for both teams until they play each other and then it's one over the other.
The NHL is my #1 fav sport, nothing else comes close, so there is no way I could cheer for a second NHL team. When the Canucks get knocked out, I usually have a hard time picking a team to root for to finish the playoffs.

However, in the 90's I had no problem cheering for the Blue Jays, Mariners and Expos in that order. It's not like they ever met in a playoff series anyway. I always had a soft spot for baseball, I played in Babe Ruth little leagues as a teen, and as a math nut, I liked the statistical side to the game. Unfortunately, neither the Mariners or the Blue Jays have done anything significant in a long time, and my interest has faded a lot.

As for basketball, I'd watch the Grizzlies games on TV. I knew they were terribad, I just wanted to see them upset other teams and maybe push for a playoff spot. The way the team relocated left a bad taste in my mouth, and I never could get into cheering for the Raptors, let alone any NBA team. If they came back though, I'd pay attention and watch the games on TV. For my entertainment dollar though, I'd rather pay to watch the Canucks by a large margin.

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