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02-16-2011, 07:40 PM
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Glove size-14" or 15"?

I recently bought some bauer pro roll 15" gloves and I'm debating whether or not to exchange them for a 14" pair. I'm 6'2" and figured the 15" would be good for me because my hands are a a little bigger than average along with my height. However after getting the 15" pair, they feel a little loose to me. I know I could play in them, but I also know as they break in they will loosen up a bit more, and I'm afraid they might become too loose. Obviously this is a personal preference, but I figured I would ask and see what opinions other people in my size range had. Are 15" gloves uncommon? If anyone uses 15" gloves, how tall/big are you? Any opinions or thoughts?

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