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02-16-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I don't agree.

I would like to make a statement:
-Get Kreider into certain -- not all that unusual -- situations, and he can take advantage of them like few others.

Does anyone agree?

Then, why doesn't he? Its simple, he can not find them for himself. He goes up and down the ice like a train on tracks, but doesn't get involved in situation where he can use his speed -- besides the few and far between chances when the puck lands on his stick...

Call it IQ, call it creativity, call it what you want. But there is plenty and further plenty of players at any level, in any league, the SEL, the KHL, the WHL, the QMJHL, OHL, the AHL, college and the NHL, or scratch that, there are plenty and further plenty of players on any team, in all the mentioned leagues -- who can create and find open ice for themselves. We shouldn't exagerate, but Kreider just aint good at that.

Kreider in college is more dominant in terms of speed/strength then AO is in the NHL. Kreider is scoring is, what 0,6 pts/game?, in college. Kreider have fantastic abilities for sure, and I can't see how he can't make it to the NHL and I think odds are very good that he will become a good NHLer. But he certainly have some issues.
Are there other reasons why he doesn't find these situations? Without actually watching him all this is is speculation. Reasonable speculation but so is "He isn't being put in offensive situations by the staff" or something of that nature. Personally i think he still needs another year before turning pro myself but I also think he'd make the adjustments and handle it fine if he did turn pro sooner.

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