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02-17-2011, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I have only been to South Africa and it was years ago but based on what I saw I can absolutely believe that Lagos Nigeria could be the worst place or city on earth.

Maybe I should amend my statement to be New York is the worst city in North America. Panama imo is the worst by a long shot in South America, hot, crime riddled, filthy. Its like a giant version of Tijuana, think outdoor toilet and you'll get the picture.
There are a lot of horrendous places on earth and these do tend to make you appreciate LA all the more. I have been to several cities in West Africa for example, a couple of them were relatively friendly but mostly you are very glad to get out of them unscathed. Lagos in particular is vast but also horrendously crowded with multiple millions of people, and is basically built on crime.

Now as for New York, New York is horrible - filthy, depressing, loud, inhospitable, suffocating, no elbow room - and has America's most irritating sports fans.

No matter what sport it is, I always enjoy it immensely when LA beats NY and so I am really, I mean really looking forward to tomorrow's game.

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