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02-17-2011, 08:24 AM
Jimmy Villa
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Well, because of the offensive firepower we currently have, we are essentially rolling three 1st lines!
Other than H-B-L line, they are all pretty much swappable.

But it is my 2 cents that Z hasn't been given a fair run in this team. I'm not sure what his longest back-to-back games streak is for us, but I bet it's under 10.

Just seems odd to have an offensive cannon in your arsenal, and choose to play a tough guy over him vs Florida? Where is the logic here?

Now, if we'd been playing the Rags, or Pens etc, then you can understand wanting someone in your line-up to crack some skulls, but with Leino out, it was the perfect chance to slot Z in on that line and let him try to earn his spot.

It is my opinion he has done enough to earn a spot on the team for an extended run, but Lavi obvioulsy disagrees.

Meh, he's going to walk at the end of the season anyway regardless, so I just don't see why he doesn't play him over Car Bomb or Shelley against the softer teams certainly.

I suppose we do have the weakest D in the NHL, so all the offense has to be two way to compensate

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