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02-17-2011, 08:40 AM
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Events of recent days surprise me somewhat; I was attacked when I suggested Mike should not and could not do two jobs at STU and this was an event attempted in recent history that proved to be fatal for the coach. This prediction proved true. I was attacked when I said that STU was investing over a million dollars in the new rink and would not spend the dollars to hire a coach and AD as two seperate positions. Bloggers said this was untrue yet it proved to be true. The reporters defended maintaining the status quo, yet they also predicted STU to finish last or near last for this year. I want STU to get to the middle and then back to the top. I want the return of the cross town competition. This is a board to discuss the original thread of What gives with this years Tommies? Did that in the above mentioned, namely: Spend all kinds of money on the rink, but not on coaches and AD positions. People burying their heads in the sand and not realizing the Team was floundering.

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