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Originally Posted by JBernierFan View Post
Actually, most Edmonton fans aren't so high on trading him, they just see the writing on the wall. Most want Hemsky to retire an Oiler. Yes, he's never scored more than 23 goals in his career, but he's still close to a PPG player every year, even on the worst of Oilers teams.

2010-2011 GP 40 PTS 35 (and believe it or not is a +1 on that team)
2009-2010 GP 22 PTS 22
2008-2009 GP 72 PTS 66
2007-2008 GP 74 PTS 71
2006-2007 GP 64 PTS 53
2005-2006 GP 81 PTS 77

Yes, he has been injured (especially the past few years) but playing 72-81 games isn't too shabby. Justin Williams has a FAR worse injury history and look how great he's doing this year (knock on wood). The point is, regardless of how many games he plays, he will always put up more points than Simmonds. It's first line numbers compared to 3rd. And before you say that Simmonds brings more to the game than points...not this year. He's been a shell of his rookie and sophomore self. It's like now that we have Clifford, he thinks he can play soft. I LOVE Simmonds, I really really do (I almost bought his jersey last year, but went with Doughty instead), but when you can trade a 3rd liner and a d prospect that we have a ton of for a 1st liner, you do it.
There inlies the rub Oiler fans and managment want more than a 3rd liner and a D propect they are holding out trying to get Schenn, I know that is next to impossible but Dreger and the guys think Lombardi is under some pressure to get to the next level this year and missing the playoffs could spell his end. Keeping prospects and losing your jpb doesn't give to well so maybe he brakes to keep it going

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