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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
yo sawdalite can you post a picture of those hockey pants from carle? i am one of the looneys that paid a nice little chunk of change (500 bucks) for timonen's set 1 jersey (which i'm still waitin for) from meigray. i plan on postin the picture when it comes in. puck boy, i wanna see that powe jersey (i think thats what you bought) when it comes in too. i do heating and air conditioning and got a bonus so thats what i decided to blow my cash on. i'll probably wear it to a few games and then maybe get one of those cool frames to show it off. be nice if he was a contributer to somethin great this year (i aint gonna say it and jinx it). it might actually go up in value. but we need to post more pictures since this is a jersey/ memorabilia thread.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope that you didn't buy a Timonen jersey with the hope that it might go up in value. With 3 sets of jerseys per year, the days of jerseys increasing in value are slim and none, especially for a "common" player like Timomnen.

I have over 80 jerseys in my collection and knew before I purchased each one that none of them would retain their "value", let alone increase.

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