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02-17-2011, 01:05 PM
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First off I'd like to preface by saying I'm obviously a huge Islander fan for life. And I'm also a fan of Healy's interviews as he has the gift for gab, and tells great behind the scene stories.

Before listening to the interview, I first read everyone's posts and I was fully expecting to put Healy on my sh*tlist.

Now after listening to it, it's really no big deal and is consistent with what Heals has been saying for the past couple of years with regards to the Isles.

I think his biggest problem is having Gillies blind side a player to the head, hit him while he's down, and egg him to come get more of a beating.

Where Heals is coming from is having pride for the Isles Jersey. And when you do the stuff that Gillies did you are only tarnishing it.

Heals has said previously:
He loved playing on LI
Arbour was his favorite coach
Billy Smith played a big role in his development

Heals is not an Isles hater. He just wants the Isles to get back the respect they once had with Arbor/Torrey at the helm. Yes, it's big shoes to fill but hopefully we'll get there in the near future.

And honestly, I have heard far far worse from posters on this message board. What Healy said during this interview is a fart in the wind.

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