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07-20-2005, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Cerebral
Is it apparent that the Stars will sign him or might Zubov entertain offers from other teams?
Zubov has no intensions to leave Dallas. He also isn't as money fictionated as some others (*cough* Bill Guerin). Add to that that Sergei Zubov is the Stars only top pairing defenseman, seeing as Boucher is more of a tweener (#2/#3) the Stars would desperantly want him as well. The Stars lack some serious depth on the blueline, and Zubov is one of the Stars first priorities to lock up. I'd be very shocked if Zubov even considered other offers..

Originally Posted by KStewart113
I wouldn't say hes a top 10....nor would I say LEhtinen should be an untouchable.
You've just underrestimated the valeue of the Stars most underrated players. Jere Lehtinen is the Stars most untouchable skater, even more so than Morrow, Modano or whoever. YOu can only make a case for Marty Turco as holding more worth to the franchise.

Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd
I'm not convinced Modano will be in Dallas.

Sure, he's a franchise player, but the Stars have to cut payrolls somewhere. And considering Modano's money-problems, he might not be willing to lose too big a chunk of money. He might have to entertain bigger offers from other clubs.

Modano or Guerin...tough choice.
You've got to be kidding me..

When you're having trouble deciding between an inconsistant powerforward wannabe who does nothing but float, and one of the premier franchise players of the league who still is among the most complete players in the game today, then you aren't to be taken seriously.

And what's all this "Modano is in financial trouble" crap? Just because he lost some money due to unfortunate advices *2 years ago* doesn't mean he's broke and wants to play for the maximum and the maximum only. Modano is a mighty millionaire, has everything his heart desires and has stated several times that he wants to retire a Star no matter what. Before the lockout started, he was already in talks with the staff about a possible career-ending contract that would have him in the Green and Gold till 2010. It was the staff self who figured it was better waiting how the new CBA would look like. I expect Modano to sign a career ending contract with the Stars as soon as players are allowed to sign with teams.

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