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02-17-2011, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
I'm not normally as brash with the whole shutout thing when I see it mentioned in the GDT's, but just about the entire thread is about either saying the word, or saying it in some cryptic form, and the fact that we had one going up until the 3rd is frustrating.
We say a lot of stupid things during the thread. If Carter scores it is obviously a blow out...

The team has very often played soft in the 3rd with a lead. Start critiquing them instead.

Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
I'll just kind of relate it to an OCD type thing. You like things the way you like them, and when people purposely or accidentally **** it up, it still irritates you regardless. Now I'm not blaming anyone for ruining the shutout, it's just one of those things that really bothers me when I hear it, and it especially pisses me off when they do it on purpose. I'm sure there's been quite a couple times in your life when somebody has said or done something on purpose to piss you off. It kinda feels like that to me.

Yea and instead of trying to solve the problem to someone's OCD, everyone should conform to it and turn the light switch off and on 32 times every time we leave our rooms.

There have been many times people did something to piss me off out of spite, but I admit it mostly had to do with my own stubbornness.

Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
Not everybody has surperstitions for the same thing. Everything you listed above, I have no problem with, but when I say I'm superstitious in everyday life, it's little things. Like for example, I got in an accident back in October and Postal Service just so happened to be playing on my ipod. Up til now, I won't listen to them while I'm driving. I also won't wear the exact outfit I wore that day. I have a routine for walking out of my front door in the morning, or right before I go to bed I always have to crack my back. My list continues but for some people it may just end at one thing.
Well the Ipod thing actually has some credibility. It is actually Illegal in many places (not sure on each state/province/country) to listen to a device like an Ipods/walkmen etc.. while driving.

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