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02-17-2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron Barr View Post
That was probably 2nd worst game I've seen them play this year. Just pathetic.

With all the hype around this team "putting it together since Roy went out" I wouldn't be at all surprised if this team is cooling off right now.
Originally Posted by letsgosabres5225 View Post
What a crappy game.
Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
This game barely held my interest. What a bore fest.
Puzzled by these posts. I thought the jump the Sabres had in the first was great!! Very few whistles the whole game. Action / hitting. I don't think I've lowered my standards. Game kept me on edge with the closeness (and the frustration which is the Sabres PP zone entry) all game.

Originally Posted by sabresfan129103 View Post
The PP was brutal tonight. Especially in the 3rd. they couldn't even enter the zone FFS.
The 2-man adv. BUF had was pretty ineffective. No shots, IIRC.

Originally Posted by Timbo Slice View Post
- Leopold looked lost.
- Our forwards. Stafford? Vanek? What happened?
- SH goal. Wow. That was just awful.
Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
-Miller. Liked his game tonight. Was locked in. A lot of big saves.
-Morrisonn. Really physical. Just a solid game.
-Weber. See Morrisonn.
-Liked Myers' game.
-Gerbe. Love his effort.


-Leopold. Absolutely horrific tonight. Hated him on both goals. He started the first one by making a bad pass to Ennis that got kept in the zone. And on the shortie, that was the worst defensive effort I've seen this year. Putrid. Probably his worst game as a Sabre.
-Connolly. Made his linemates worse. Terrible giveaway that led to a shortie.
-Butler. He's just not very good. It's sad to see. He's regressed a lot.
-Vanek. Relatively invisible for the third straight game.
-Kaleta. Lindy, his hand is bothering him. He's a sideshow right now. Put Byron back in. He adds speed to the lineup.
Agree with both the above posts, but I thought Butler was OK by Butler standards.

Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
...Being a Sabres fan has taught me that the city of Buffalo almost always prefers the under-talented player who performs at or slightly beyond expectations, to the very talented player who may be slightly under-performing.
The classic dilemna - do you want the trophy wife/girlfriend who doesn't like to hop in the sack that often, or do you want the plain Jane who can't keep her hands off you?

Originally Posted by BrooklynBuffaloFan View Post
Apologies for the number soup in this post, but...

The Sabres have scored two or fewer goals in 10 of Lalime's last 12 starts dating back to his meltdown in Anaheim last year. He's given up more than 3 goals 4 times, it's not like they always lose 6-2.

In 12 starts for a goalie, if he's giving up less than 3 goals 8 times, they should have more than one win. They couldn't get to four goals in 6 of 12 games?

Yet people are ready to run Lalime out of here and the coach just won't put him in.

I like Miller, but he butchered that shortie just as bad as Leopold and Vanek did. I think Leo and Vanek were trying to avoid taking another penalty. They still blew, but that's more understandable than Miller inexplicably leaving half the net open.
Please post those above Lalime goal support stats every time HogTownSabresFan brings up Lalime's play last year.

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