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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
I know what you mean, but missing a guy who played ES, PP, and PK, and getting lots of minutes on all of them, clearly makes an impact one way or the other. Maybe you're right that everyone is just stepping up, but I feel certain that the top lines are better off without him.
This drives me nuts.

If our top lines prior to Roy getting injured were this.....


.....and if the only change was Roy going out of the lineup and Hecht taking his place. Then you might have an arguement. But thats not what the lines looked like prior to Roy's injury.

The lines when Roy was injured


Connolly was out injured at the time.

- Another things that bugs me, Roy's injury is why Vanek's production took off

Vanek was scoreless in the first two games without Roy. But his production took off in the 3rd game. So what was different about the 3rd game. Connolly returned to the lineup and he along with Pommer were put with Vanek.

Pommer and Vanek clicked. They've have been linemates ever since with Hecht replacing Connolly not too long after that game. Vanek had been moved off Roy's line in the past with little success. But with Pommer, Vanek is having prolonged success without Roy for the first time. Yet thats rarely mention by posters hell bent on proving Roy is a hindrance to his linemates or teammates. Its all about Vanek being better off without Roy, as if nothing else changed for Vanek. Or that Vanek is doing it all by himself. It hasn't occured to them that Pommer clicking with him is a big reason for Vanek's success.

Pommer is a whipping boy for many of the same posters taking shots at Roy. So its not entirely shocking his contributions (21gms 7g 13a 20pts +6 while leading forwards in ice time and playing in all situations) during this run are being ignored.

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