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07-20-2005, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by vopatsrash
Cool...I'll just go with Wesley and change my screenname to vopatsxrash.

I did. I've been to most major and many minor shows at 328, exitin, the end, mercy lounge, etc from 94-05. We probably don't know each other. no one in my music circle of friends really likes sports or the preds, so i'd definitely know it if someone i knew liked the preds, b/c i'm the "preds fan" of the group that everyone scoffs at and says "so how's the strike?" or "so are they still horrible?" to. but we very well could be a "that guy" to each other.
yeah chances are if I saw you, I'd probably recognize you, but we may have never talked.

P.S. my name...or I mean your spelled westley

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