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02-17-2011, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfury View Post
The Flyers will trade him. They've treated him like a child all year, with doubts from the press, the fans, etcetera hanging over him. If he had gotten just a bit of power play time, he'd be a 20-goal-scorer right now. But it wouldn't have mattered. Ideally he should play with other creative Europeans, with a North American goon thrown in for the necessary muscle, so integral to NHL hockey. Watched the game in the US, Soviet Union and Czech Republic, and purely in terms of hockey, the game in North America is lacking, although it rules in fisticuffs. Doubt many KHL teams would seek the 'talents' of Scott Hartnell, or Carcillo. Nevertheless, Zherdev is playing in North America, and must adapt to the dump-and-chase style suited for the smaller rinks. And here, Zherdev has failed. Unless he can go to a team that embraces foreigners such as Detroit, he should probably go back to Russia, where the game is simply better suited to his game. His fans in Philly will remember some of his goals, the likes of which the Flyers rarely score. The sublime drag and wrist shot goal against Calgary; the textbook goal of patience against Pittsburgh in which he left a defender flopping on the ice; much the same against Buffalo; the breakaway goal against the Rangers; the tight-angle goal against the Rangers. See ya Nikolay.

Game in north america is lacking? thats why all of the best players in the league play here? thats why average players in the NHL tear it up in the KHL because of the difference in quality.

Yes detroit embraces european/russian players however they only embrace ones that put team first and buy into a system, and rountinely back check and play a tight defensive game. Datsyuk, zetterberg, lindstrom, fillpula all buy into a team concept and pavel and zetterberg are two of the best two way forwards in the game. I highly doubt Babcock would put up with zherdev and his tendency to float around the ice with no intention of playing a team game.

I like zherdev as a player, I dont like zherdev as a part of the flyers team.... its one thing when a coach is tired of your lack of commitment to a team game, but its another when there is rumblings of your own teammates questioning your play.

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