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02-17-2011, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ReenMachine View Post
I hope we miss the playoff for a couple of reasons:

Jacques Martin closer to getting fired.
Gomez closer to get traded/sent down/bought out.
Molson more likely to be furious with money loss due to no playoff and finally shakes things up.
Team more likely to add toughness.
Team more likely to do a flyers-like rebuilt the year after instead of endlessly being a middle-pack team that can't win it all and can't draft a franchise player except if real lucky at the draft cause everybody knows Timmins almost exclusively draft 5pi10p two-way good skater soft player. ( wishful thinking as far as rebuilt goes )
Gauthier more likely to get fired the year after.
Gauthier more likely to sign Markov instead of pretending his team can compete by making the playoff by an hair and getting to the 2nd round with Price doing all the work.
No NHL team will win with 5 regular D out of the lineup, no one has that much depth. Canucks lost tonight 3-1 in Nashville because of the lack of D. Do you really read what you write or you are one of those ex Nordiques fans?

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