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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
They can't ever have a team as good as the ones in 05-06 + 06-07 ?

They can't build a winning team with Miller in net?

Our best chance has come and gone?

I think you're being a tad melodramatic.

Please tell me how we will build a more dominant team than the two post lockout teams. Also, try to do it in the next three seasons.

I'm a lot of things, melodramatic isn't close to any of them. I expect better from you joshjull.

You do realize we had the perfect team post lockout? The rules were almost designed for the Buffalo Sabres to dominate, it was a perfect storm of good for once, when speaking of the Sabres.

Where did I say they can't build a winning team with Miller in net? Didn't they just do that last season? My point was, you don't need to build around a goalie, and Miller isn't a goalie I would do it around anyways.

As for our best chance coming and going, I think it clearly has. Miller had his chance to win a cup, for two seasons he had one of the best teams in hockey in front of him. If he couldn't get it done then, what makes anyone feel comfortable about him leading a lesser team to the finals?

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