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Originally Posted by Sumoki Dachiba View Post

If you combine your battle wins/loses stats into a percentage (as suggested earlier in the thread) you would be able to halve the number of rows used for these stats. Less rows would make it easier on the reader trying to scan down a long list of numbers while maintaining perspective on what means means what. It might also make it possible to read the whole table without scrolling down, which is an issue on a smaller screen (like mine!).
To maintain perspective on overall number of battles (which is obviously important in judging these stats) the breakdown could be organize like this:

OFPB (offensive zone puckbattles): 56% (5/9)

This makes it so you don't have to use contrasting colours to indicate 'wins' or 'loses'.

Just my thoughts. Completely disregard them if you want, you could write these stats on your a** and then sit on your scanner to record them and I would still add your page to my favorites!
Thanks. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm trying to make these stats as easy to digest as possible. But at the same time I know some readers want to see all the numbers included. I'm trying to create multiple tables with different results in each (including one with just the percentages like you mentioned), while also including the table with all the numbers for those who enjoy that.
On a selfish note; while in realize the alternating red and green isn't pretty, it makes it much easier for me when entering data.
As for the stats, my butt, and a sounds like a bad date I had in my early 20's. Really though, thanks for caring enough to give me some helpful feedback. I really do appreciate it.

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