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02-18-2011, 09:52 AM
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The worst officiated game ever.... Does the NHL have a problem?

I've been a long time NHL fan (even before I was a Predators fan), and I've seen some bad blown calls by refs (most often in games in which Mick McGough was involved). But i don't think i've ever seen a game called in a more lopsided and unfair manner than I saw last night. During the first, i was thinking that the refs were pretty bad and I started counting.

There were at about 10 serious obvious blown calls after I started counting. All could have seriously affected the game and all went in the Canucks favor. In some of these, the refs were directly looking at the play as it was occuring right in front of them and there was no excuse. Some were judgment calls that entirely went in the Canucks favor. In contrast, I think the refs could have called one "too many men" penalty on the preds that they didn't (and this was missed because the refs attention was off the bench). Does anyone know anything about the refs last night to figure out about any reasons for bias. The NHL really needs to look at this game. Should we be concerned about a "Great Canadian Hope" syndrome?

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