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02-18-2011, 11:40 AM
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I was thinking the same thing. I think the Canucks had 5 PPs last night, the Preds had 2 (and that's counting the one with about 1 minute left to go).

The too many men penalty against the Preds was definitely a penalty. I think you could make a case that Suter's interference penalty was legit too. Nevertheless, the Canuck pretty much fell down to make it look worse than it was.

The other 3 were all marginal calls that were embellished by the Canucks. Hornqvist was playing the puck and the Canuck easily dropped his stick and immediately threw his hand up like it was a major slash. The Sullivan penalty was nothing more then incidental contact. And on Wilson's high stick, the Canuck reacted about 2 seconds after the stick came up high. This is party why I hate the Canucks. They are a bunch of divers. They were falling, diving, embellishing on calls that weren't called too.

On the other hand, calls equally as marginal against the Canucks weren't made at all, including a blatant too many men miss that even the homer Canuck announcers noticed. You'd think with a home crowd, it would tend to at least even out a little.

I don't think the "REF YOU SUCK" does much good. After a while, I thought the Refs heard that and were like, "Ok, you think I suck, then lets just see how many PPs you get." They shouldn't be swayed like that, but they're human, and I'd probably have the same reaction.

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