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Originally Posted by MillerFan1 View Post
It isn't Ryan's job to say "Hey coach give me a night off." Its the coach's job to realize that a stupid team like the Islanders have lit him up beyond belief this year and to say, "Ya know what? Maybe we should give him a night off here."

The last game that Miller didn't start before this stretch was the freaking day before THANKSGIVING. Do you have any idea how long ago that was? During that time, yea we did have a 9 day break. But we also had 2 west coast road trips. we didn't even have snow then for crying out loud. Goalies are headcases. Miller said it himself, it was refreshing for him to know that he was going to have a night off a day ahead of time. What happened? It showed in his game vs the Leafs.

I'm not blaming that horrendous loss vs. the Isles on the fact that Miller started 31 in a row. I know he was off during the All Star break (where he couldn't practice with the team) but the whole logic of a guy starting 31 in a row in pretty much "must win" games is asinine. Making a guy fly from Buffalo to Calgary, to Edmonton, back to Buffalo then to Colorado, California, then Phoenix before coming home to start the rest of the month of January is a bit much... no?

Find me an elite goalie who in the last 5 years has started 31 games in a row. That's almost 38% of a season dude. He only got yanked in 2 of those 31 games.

They bought Tim Kennedy out for just as much as waiving Lalime would cost. Just sayin'

Bottom line is they want to be as cheap as possible and keep Enroth playing. I get it. But not giving Lalime a started game since November 20th and expecting him to be on top of his game if Miller were to get yanked is naive. At the bare minimum he should be sent down for a few games of conditioning so he can come back in game form. Lindy kept Miller in a game he had no business playing in because he has no faith in the guy on the bench. To me... that's a problem.
are you kidding me? After reading your first line there is nothing else to read. I don't think you have any credibility. Do you think when Martin Brodeur played 70+ games for 10 seasons in a row it was his decision? Do you think if Martin was tired and he told the coach he needed a rest the coach said forget you get back in the net? Come on, you can't be that niave, if Miller wants a night off he gets a night off, period.

The fact that you call a team stupid like the team itself is an entity with a level of intelligence really shows the maturity of your comments.
You ever think if a goalie got "lit up" maybe they would want to face them again instead of hiding on the bench. Hence the competetive nature of athletes.
Then you bring up Tim Kennedy when it has nothing to do with Ryan Miller playing too many games and Tim Kennedy couldn't even find an NHL spot for minimum wage.

Carry Price 52 games played
Miikka Kiprusoff 51 games played
Cam Ward 51 games played
Ryan Miller 46 games played
Glenn Hall 502 consecutive games-thats 7 straight years. 31 games is *****.
Grant Fuhr played 79 in one season
Brodeur over 700 in 10 seasons.
Kiprusoff 70+games last 4 seasons on pace this season(Is Miller not as good?)
Martin Brodeur at the age of 37 played 77 games last year and over 30 in a row

Your comeback is meaningless becuase if he is an elite goalie then play like one!
or is he not as good as all the other goalies?

You may have problems with the sabres but those problems mean nothing to the sabres.

you called the Islanders stupid-classic adjective for an NHL team
"goalies are headcases" hahahahahaha

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