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Originally Posted by sushinsky4tsar View Post
Count me in the name sucks / logo rocks contingent.

I actually remember submitting recommendations for the contest when I was a youngster. I drew up my own logos and everything I think my five were the Northern Lights, Polar Bears, Pathfinders, Lake Demons, and Blue Ox.

In retrospect, I'm glad we didn't do the N'Lights. If we couldn't be the North Stars, best to find something new. White Bears isn't a bad name but who are we kidding it's not THAT bad here. What about the Minnesota Albino Black Bears Freeze is awful. I think I like Blue Ox more than most, but that would have been a lot of Blue in the Western Conference. Of the six, I think the Voyageurs was the rightful winner. I was pretty miffed with the Wild. Honestly, I would have much preferred the Swarm. They won me back with the primary logo.

Minnesota Fighting Saints. Great name and a classic logo. This would have been an excellent choice (and a nice nod to St. Paul).

I know it wouldn't work for hockey, but I always thought the Gray Ducks would be a fitting name for a MN team.
Agreed on Voyageurs as the rightful winner. Not only a great name (and one of the few real plural discrete nouns in the bunch, which personally is a requirement for a good sports team name), but also awesome because it's a really subtle nod to the North Stars name (which comes from the French "L'etoile du Nord") , and also very much brings in that wilderness feel without being so explicit about it.

Also the reason Fighting Saints was out from the start is because there will never be another Minneapolis or St. Paul team, or at least not at the pro levels. Notice that all of the major teams are the "Minnesota Twins/Vikings/Wild." The Twins were (rightfully) wary of alienating St. Paul fans and not giving equal status to each of the Twin Cities. There's very carefully-crafted symbolism in the Minnie and Paul sign; they didn't want to reignite old rivalries that could split their fanbase and make the prospect of a big-league team with a big-league budget unsustainable. So as much as I like the Fighting Saints name and logo, it was doomed from the start, from a marketing standpoint.

Originally Posted by sushinsky4tsar View Post
On a side note, has anybody else ever noticed that the moon in our logo seems to be multi-color?

Sometimes it's more of a lighter silver/gold and other times it's more of an orange. Is this an intentional play on the sun/moon? Kind of along the line of is it a Bear or is it a Wolf?

I like the lighter moon color much better. The orange/yellow is just too many colors and it makes it too busy.
Pretty sure that's just the effect of manufacturing/redesigning etc. I'm pretty confident that officially it's gold; specifically the official team colors include the color #EFB410.

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