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02-18-2011, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by habspinner View Post
Sorry, but I just don't buy it. Are you saying that Fisher is an inferior player than Penner? Because I believe they are of equal value. What did he bring back? A 1st round pick + conditional

Penner is on a similar caphit value contract, but shorter contract. If by the estimation that a contract gives value, Fisher should have fetched more because he was on a longer contract.

Penner has warts, Fisher has warts. Penner has unique qualities, as does Fisher. Depending on the teams needs, they are worth pretty much the same thing. You can even look towards Versteeg for similar value.

I think Penner is worth a first, and maybe a second or a third. The contract I still contend means nothing, and I liked for us to politely disagree, if you catch my drift.
The difference being Fisher and Penner play different roles, which, depending on which roles teams are looking to fill, may cause that value to fluctuate.

Without getting too deep into Adam Smith economics, the principles of Supply and Demand may come into play. Fisher, already having been dealt, impacts the "supply" aspect. There is now one less product to meet the "demand".

If multiple teams create a bidding war, it's tough to say what may be offered for Penner.

One thing that seems to be apparent is that Tambellini won't move Penner unless he finds an offer he deems "worthy".

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