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02-19-2011, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by bladoww View Post
Ran across this and thought it was interesting. The current Bolts pants (WITH the bolts, to be clear) rank 4th in the league.

Yes, someone rated pants.

EDIT: Why is this site masked? If you want to see the page just do a search for bleacher report "don't call them shorts" and it should come up. Evidently HF doesn't like BR.
Or the poll sites.

Every game I go to I get so annoyed. They are litterally shoving this new logo in your face. Everyone I talked to around me hated it. A fellow season ticket holder who I hadn't seen in a while told me how much he disliked it.

The Red Wings fans even liked the black in it. They even put the new logo on the banner, right next to the Leafs banner. So dumb.

Just seeing the current logo and the depth and realistic look in comparison to this new one everywhere really reinforced my dislike for the new logo. It's a huge downgrade.

My buddy and I went to Ozzy tonight, and he had an Electric logo background on his phone. Looks way too close.

Still waiting on someone willing to share the contact info on the management with me so I can let them know how I feel about it.

It's not on their website from what I saw, just a general contact link which does no good.

I have alot to tell them about this new $cheme and logo$ and color$. (see what i did there? )

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